April 24, 2024


Our itinerary is complete!  We know where we’re going, how we’ll get there, and where we’ll sleep.  The remaining details are yet to be determined!

Halifax to Paris via WestJet

  • Paris – This is France’s largest city and capital.  (pop. 2.24 million)
  • Lyon – France’s third largest city. Known for its food and wine (isn’t all of France?). (pop. ~500,000)
  • Menton – a town on the south coast of France, on the Italian border (pop. 29,000). Menton is very close to Monaco and not far from Nice and Cannes (film festival won’t be on when we’re there).
  • Antognano – a village in the Italian province of Lucca (we’ve heard the population may be 65). This village is in the heart of the Tuscany region.
  • Avigliana – a town/suburb of Turin. Avigliana’s population is less than 15,000 while the population of Turin is about 900,000. This area is in the Piedmont region of Italy.
  • Lyon – this is just a car drop stop.
  • Paris – back to enjoy more of what we’ve heard is an amazing city.

Paris to Halifax via WestJet