April 24, 2024

The Big Dig

The big digger!

Jul 25 – Giovani said the excavators would be here before 8am. So we woke up at 7am to find them here! It’s now 9:00 am and there is a big hole behind the house for the back basement entry, a trench for the deck posts and a pile of cement and rock rubble that was once the garage foundation. The machine is HUGE and the operator is definitely skilled. He can gently tip up a shrub that he moved which had fallen over, and he can destroy huge slabs of concrete!

The house is now rumbling and shaking from the digging and work he is doing to tear up the driveway.

Good news is… no bedrock at this point. Bad news… the truck that is supposed to take away the cement and rock is not here yet.

Jul 26 – Well… the dig is done. 12 hours of work. The equipment operator was amazing… it was like the big rig was an extension of himself. He could be gentle and precise or he could smash the heck out of the old garage foundation. Job well done!

The little hole… for the back basement entry.
Smashing the basement foundation and slab!
It’s a big hole!
This ledge is for the footers for the posts that will support the deck extension.