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$10 k In Your Hand

You might be familiar with the TV show “10 Grand in Your Hand” (hosted by John DeSilva on the DIY Network) where they help home renovators save money by doing some of it themselves.  We were inspired by that show, and some quotes from contractors to do some of our work ourselves.  We’ll provide some updates here on those tasks…

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Build Shed

The little shed is complete!  The instructions were fairly good, though the drawings were bad.  It warned us at one point that from there on it would take several hours of difficult work and we should NOT go further without being able to finish.  They were right… we persevered and completed the project.  Now all …

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Demo (partial) Deck

We had to take the steps off the deck, cut away the extension, remove two joists and strip some of the decking boards and the skirting. It was handy knowing how it was built to make this easier, but since we had done it all our selves, it was a little painful to undo it. …

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Demo Garage

The garage has to go.  As we’ve been cleaning it out and getting it ready to go, we’re feeling a little sad.  However, with progress comes sacrifices. Jul 16 – “Frank” and his assistant started today.  Characters to say the least.  When they think I’m not in ear-shot they scream and curse at each other. …

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Demo Sunroom

The sunroom was one of the main features that caused me to buy the house 8 years ago.  It was lovely.  However, it had very old windows, no insulation in the ceiling, and only the insulation that we added under the floor – so it was cold in winter.  It was also very much in …

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Move Plants

There are a lot of plants that need to be moved.  We did the one’s along the garage last night and were surprised with how many there really are.  More on this as things move along. 17 Jul – Moved most today.  Almost done.  4 lilacs to go… not sure how we’ll move those.  More …

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Prepare Basement

We needed to prepare the basement in two areas.  Under the back bedroom we needed to clear everything out of the storage/workshop area because the floor in there was gravel and we’re having a cement slab put down.  Also, there will be a new basement entrance into this area so there will be a cut-through …

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