Formal Education

Some people are very concerned with degrees and diplomas, mine are listed below. In my opinion these represent a tiny tip of a very huge iceberg of learning. I believe that living is a wonderful learning opportunity which is greatly enhanced by being a teacher. My learning continues on a daily basis.


Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS

Master of Education, Curriculum Studies, Educating for Peace (2004)

Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS

Bachelor of Education, Concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies (2002)

Nova Scotia Teachers College, Truro, NS

Associate in Education, Major in Junior High Science (1985)


Other Courses & Certifications

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS & University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Introduction to Project Management (2010)

Canadian Forces, Halifax, NS

Instructor Supervisor Course

Qualification courses leading to promotion to rank of Captain in the Cadet Instructor Cadre



I’ve taught in three different public and private situations.

An independent K-12 school where, for one year, I taught:

Grade 7 Math
Grade 7, 8 & 9 Science
Grade 10/11 Computer Studies

An adult high school, or alternative high school, where I taught a very wide variety of courses over 15 years, including:

English 10
Political Science 12
Mathematics 10
Canadian Studies 10
Global Geography 11
Career & Life Management 11
Physically Active Lifestyles 11
Geography 10
Law 12
Sociology 12
Applied Information Technology 11
Computer Related Studies 12
Entrepreneurship 12

A junior high school where, over 6 years, I taught:

Grade 7 Math
Grade 7 English
Grade 7 Science
Grade 7 Healthy Living


Other Accomplishments and Recognitions

Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people in some great organizations.  The list below provides some of the highlights of that work.  None of the accomplishments below would have been possible without the people with whom I was associated at the time and in each case I share the recognition with them.
    • Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Certificate of Appreciation (2002)
    • Nominated for Pan Canadian Petroleum Student Choice Award (2001)
    • Faculty Award and Gold TC Medal (1985)
    • Canadian Forces Decoration with Clasp (1995 & 2005)
    • Bedford Players Community Theatre Executive: Vice-President, President and Treasurer
    • Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project Executive: Vice-President
    • Alumni Association of Nova Scotia Teachers College Executive: Vice-President and President
    • As Vice-President of the Nova Scotia Teachers College Student Council, wrote and/or revised the constitution, by-laws and procedures of the Council which were approved by the student body and subsequently published as the Student Council Operations Manual
    • Various staff positions, including Senior Staff, as a Canadian Forces (Reserve) Officer working at local, regional and national levels
    • Wrote two text books used by Royal Canadian Air Cadets across Canada for 10 years
    • Created training syllabus and wrote companion manual for senior youth leaders of a summer training center
    • Chaired a committee that brought concerns to the Minister of Education (NS) on the situation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students and others in our province’s schools
    • Member of a national committee that examined the administrative procedures for the Canadian Cadet Organization in view of decreasing administrative burden on the Organization

Presentations and the like!

As a teacher, student, volunteer, and member the the Canadian Forces (Reserves) I’ve had the opportunity to offer hundreds of presentations on a wide array of topics.  Unfortunately, it never occured to me to keep track of them.  These are a few recent presentations I’ve developed and delivered.
Rows! Rows! Rows!
Is your classroom arranged in neat and tidy rows? Do you want to make a change in your classroom arrangement? Wondering how to integrate technology with only 3 computers in your classroom? Maybe you don’t know where to start or you’re afraid it’s going to be messy? This session will look at a brief video as a case study and then we’ll break into discussion groups to explore the ideas in the video. We’ll come together again to share ideas and questions as a wrap-up.
Using Technology in P-3 Mathematics
Learn how to use technology to help support student learning in mathematics. The technology may include Moodle, Netbooks (P-3 cart), LCD Projectors, IPEVO camera, OurCloud file storage, and iPads. The session will be flexible to meet the needs of participants. Co-presented.
Introduction to Geocaching
This session was co-presented with Chad Leaman during an un-conference at DENSI 2014.