Foundation Walls

Jul 29/30 – The forms are going up.  There are many pieces to this puzzle and Gio assembles it alone.  As well as all the many pieces of oil soaked plywood that make up the walls of the forms, and lots of bracing, there is rebar inside the forms and hundreds of small metal bars that connect the two sides of the form walls.

Aug 5 – The forms have all been stripped away and the walls have cured for a couple of days.  Then the tar gets applied.

One of two cuts through the existing basement wall. This will be a back entry into the old basement.

Walls have been poured.

Many pieces. Gio keeps his work very neat.

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  1. marie says:

    It’s awesome to see this being created, guys. Thanks for sharing these photos. If at some point you would like to plant a climbing vine along the fence, I have two at my little house, a Virginia creeper (brilliant red in the fall) and a trumpet vine which attracts hummingbirds and is super hard to kill . I’ll dig them up for you and we can share a pina colada when you come to get them! Marie

    • Sandy says:

      Trumpet vine sounds interesting! We aren’t at the point of replacing gardens yet… we did get our 4 poor lilacs back into the ground today so that they will be happier. Yes, as you mentioned in your other note, the fence is temporary and hopefully “outta here” soon!

  2. marie says:

    Just realized that the fence in the photos won’t be staying and I don’t think the contractor wants Virginia creeper on it. But the offer still stands and it’s good until Spring of next year. I can’t imagine that you’ll want to do any more planting after you put those 75 containers of plants that had to be moved back into the ground ….Marie

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