June 18, 2024

If you saw this sign, you’d likely imagine that dinner was being served.  Makes sense really.

We arrived in Lyon this afternoon and easily found our way to our residence for the next two days (more on that gem later).

Once we got settled it was around suppertime and we were hungry.  So we started a search for a nearby restaurant.  Turns out they open at 7, 7:30, 7:45 even 8pm!  We understand that yet.

We did find two pretty close that looked ok online.  First one.. hmm.. might have been fine but we carried on.  Came to the one with the menu board above.  Nice looking place, lots of nice looking people sitting outside so we took a seat and were quickly able to order a couple of very reasonably priced glasses of vin rouge.  We nibbled the peanuts that came with the wine while we contemplated the Menu du Jour.

I decided on Torte de Fromages Maison as an appetizer not because I was familiar with it but because I wanted to see what Cheese Pie had to offer!

On to the Plats (oh yes, en francais ‘entree’ is appetizer and ‘plat’ is the main dish)… This was some fun translating… ‘souris’ is mouse… so, what could be a good French dish with mouse??  But sometimes in French you need to keep going because ‘Souris d’Agueau’ is Lamb Shank!

Moving on… ‘Filet de loup’, well, that would be a nice cut of… what… oh, yes!  I know that one… WOLF!  Filet of wolf! Hmm something wrong there… let’s continue “Filet de loup de Mer’ – Oh Google Translate tells me that would be a nice piece off sea bass!  So, the sea bass is the wolf of the sea!

OK.  Homework was done (hope you’re reading this Wafa).  We were ready to order… but no sign of the waiter… and no one else was eating… hmm… what’s up here? We consulted the Bistro’s website and found what we felt was a note telling us that food is served from noon to 3pm only in the off season as the chef has limited hours – unless you make an evening reservation for a group, ahead of time.  Confirmed with the waiter. Oh, the disappointment… a GOOD looking menu and we were even more hungry by then.

So… we went back to a local grocery store that we had seen andbought provisions to bring back to the apartment.  A nice supper in of pizza, meat, cheese and bread – with wine… of course!

The pizza is quite good for 2.50 Euro frozen pizza!