June 18, 2024

We’re on a wonderful train traveling at abou 300 km/h right now on the way to Lyon. This is a nice way to travel. Very smooth, fast, comfortable.

Yesterday we got an earlier start and walked a total of 17 km! We’re used to consuming coffee by the large (by Paris standards) cup – but that’s not the way here. We have found a ‘cafe long’ in one location. That was cafe Americano in a tall water glass. Yesterday we started with a tiny espresso from a little cafe/bar with a friendly black cat on a table outside. Today we returned and got two doubles to go (deux double cafe a emporter). The to-go thing doesn’t seem very popular here. I think perhaps it’s a bit vulgar to be eating/drinking on the go.

That said, I’ve seen MANY people chewing on baguette as they walk along the street.

Another thing I’ve found interesting is the heat… or the cold… what is it? Yesterday was absolutely comfortable for us to be out all day in shorts. In fact, both of us got pink from the sun. But we are certainly among the minority. People in shorts in Paris yesterday were those out running/jogging and the two of us. Indeed, I saw many people in winter coats and parkas even though it was about 25C in the afternoon. Those who appear to be locals also appear to be cold.

This train is zooming through beautiful French farm land. The cows look similar to Canadian cows but the farm houses look ‘French’ somehow.

Train lunch now… we bought ‘lardon et fromage pain’ and ‘saucisse et moutard pain’ this morning. Stuffed, bread basically. Yummy!

This is an area near Macon. There was an area shortly after this that was more populated – a town perhaps.

The terrain is getting more hilly as we go south.

Enjoy the pictures from yesterday.