April 24, 2024

We walked 20 km yesterday!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by being in the presence of things that are far older than anything I’ve seen before.  It gives some perspective to what the French were trying to accomplish in North America in some of its early years.  When you think about the magnitude of architecture that was here when they went to NA – well, it’s hard to know why they bothered.  I guess the fish, beaver and opportunity for increased power (land, fish, beaver) was a strong attraction.

We continue to be amazed at the prices in Paris.  Today we have a plan for food… we’ll see how that goes.  Wine, of course, can be had for reasonable prices.

I’m happy that my imagined vision of Paris exists.  I feel like I can pick out locals – older women out getting supplies for dinner, men in berets and scarf – or maybe, those are tourists trying to look like the imagined local.

I’m surprised at the level of English that is everywhere.  So far, it’s been difficult to practice my very limited French. Almost everyone speaks much better English than I speak French and signs are often in both languages – some are even ONLY in English.  This suggests to me that there is a lower level of stress around language here than there is in some places at home.

We did a boat cruise last night. There are many and a wide range of prices (some include fancy dinners). This was a low cost cruise. 1 hour on the Seine River, many sites, good commentary. Definitely worth 14 Euros each.  It gave us our plan for today.

That’s about it for now. Enjoy the photos below. It’s time to get ready to set out on another day of adventure in Paris!