June 9, 2023

We arrived at 10 am and by the time we got an airport shuttle (train) to the transit and rode that – VERY SLOW – train into the city and got to our hotel it was about 1pm.  Check-in wasn’tuntil 3 pm, but they were ready and let us take our room.  It’s tiny, but very nice and certainly clean.

We got ourselves arranged and then collapsed for a nap.  Not much sleeping happend on the plane so we were pretty tired.

After our nap we went out to explore.  We had lunch (or perhaps it was breakfast, or supper – the whole time, lack of food, and lack of coffee was confusing all issues.  It was a great place called Arthur & Juliette.

As we walked we saw some interesting sites. The best are in the gallery below.  One thing we noted was a small example of pixel art. I diid a bit of research on this phenomenon and found that a guy who calls himself Invader has done this art all over the world. But this specific piece isn’t included in his galley – so maybe a copycat.

Paris is very cool!  Language is not an issue.  So far, I’ve prepared my limited French for a couple of interactions and found the personI was addressing was fine with English. For example I ordered coffee with milk and sugar very nicely in French – ‘cafe avec lait et sucre, s’il vous plait’ (thanks Wafa!) and he replied ‘so, coffee with milk and sugar?’

That’s about all for now.  Enjoy the photos.  Time to get moving here to see more sights!

Paris – Day 1