June 9, 2023

We flew via West Jet on a Boeing 737-800.  Very nice craft.  The highlight for me was that the pilot was a freind from many years ago – Kevin Dort.  I’m quite sure that I’ve been in an aircraft when Kevin was PIC in the past – but it was a much different bird back in those days.

During the flight I watched a movie Love, Simon. Terrific movie – I laughed, I cried. So many truths! The other movie I watched was un-remarkable… so, no remarks!

It was odd to fly east – into  the rising sun – morning comes on VERY quickly that way. As we flew over Ireland it was light enough to see western coast of that huge island. Then the east coast o England and for quite a few minutes the beautiful terrain of southern England. Some of which was much more rugged than I had imagined.  One thing I noted in southern England there are many small airports – many, many in close proximity!

Then as we crossed the English Channel it was amazing to see the coasts of both England and France as I thought about the thousands of aircraft that made that crossing during the Second World War – never to return.

Northern France is beautiful. Just gorgeous from the air and as we were preparing to land we were low enough to see it well.

Check out the gallery below.

Journey – Halifax to Paris