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Four haddock fillets, please!

My day started off with rain, lots of fog, heavy traffic and then I realized I forgot my ID tag.  Arghh… what a way to start the day.  Through the day, I was just cranky… for no reason other than the rain, fog, traffic and tag that I left at home.  It put a damper …

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Fitbit – We’ve been together a while…

So, Fitbit… we’ve been together a few weeks and we have some things to discuss.  First, I have to apologize for our temporary separation – but it wasn’t all me… it was you too.  When I was working outdoors and using both sunscreen and insect repellent, I noticed that your band was becomming marked and …

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FitBit… the first week.

So, FitBit… we’ve been together a week now… what do you have to say? … hmm… as I thought, pretty quiet, as usual. Well, let me share my thoughts then: You’re quiet.  I like that.  Just the occasional buzz. I’m not convinced your tracking my sleep very well. On nights that I think I sleep …

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Christmas Goodies!

While I wait for the next step in gravy making, I thought I’d share some of our Christmas food with you… or at least share some ideas and sources with you and for anyone reading this if you know where to find me, then you’re welcome to drop by to sample anything I mention. As …

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