I’m Sandy and I’m a Cautious Optimist.  Friends and colleagues have suggested I’m more of a reluctant optimist or a “devil’s advocate”, but I prefer Cautious Optimist.

I often present the “yeah, but…” or “what if” side of things.  When I was growing up, the ability to look at an alternate view or to question the status quo wasn’t discouraged.

You can’t be a “yeah but, what if” kind of person and a “yes man” at the same time, so in situations where the “yes man” is a requirement I tend not to do so well.

I generally move forward, often not as quickly as others and sometimes on a slightly different path, but forward nonetheless.

I’m a teacher and I’ve taught in an alternative (adult) high school and in junior high. I believe that everyone can learn from everyone else. Learning is a two way activity and over the year’s I’ve learned a lot from my students.

I’m currently a Technology Integration Specialist with our school board.  In that position I support teachers in their use of technology in their classroom and curriculum.

I spent over 25 years as a member of the Canadian Forces (Reserves). In that capacity I worked locally, regionally and nationally in a variety of roles. In one position I wrote two textbooks that were used nationally for almost 20 years in the Canadian Cadet Program.  The practical and theoretical leadership experience from my years as an officer are skills that I use almost daily.

My names sometimes confuse people.  I’m often known as Sandy but my given name is Alexander.  Sandy is a common nick-name for Alexander which developed over generations or centuries I supposed.  The evolution goes something like: Alexander -> Xander -> Sander -> Sandy.  I’m very comfortable being called either Alexander or Sandy but it irks me when someone takes liberty with my name and shortens it to Alex, Alec or Al.

In other aspects of life I enjoy gardening, cooking, eating, wine, food, theatre and home improvement.

Alexander – @aemacdougall