Fitbit – We’ve been together a while…

IMG_1959So, Fitbit… we’ve been together a few weeks and we have some things to discuss.  First, I have to apologize for our temporary separation – but it wasn’t all me… it was you too.  When I was working outdoors and using both sunscreen and insect repellent, I noticed that your band was becomming marked and spotted.  I tried to clean this off, but the (nasty chemicals in the) sunscreen and repellent, seem to have permanently stained the band.  So instead of risking further damage, I chose to leave you off.  Of course that led to not tracking my steps and to forgetting to put you on at the end of the day to at least track some steps.  So… we were separated for most of a week.  But, like I said, it’s on you as much as me!  

In order to avoid this problem do I need a second strap? A work one and a dress one?  Or should Fitbit make more resiliant straps?

Another oservation about accuracy (see my last note to you, of you forget) using a hammer and shaking a can of paint, both add to my steps, even if I’m stationary.  Of course, both of these activities do provide some exercise… but they aren’t really steps.

So… I’m wondering about the really serious step-trackers… are they hammering?  Shaking paint?  Maybe they aren’t getting all those steps they brag about!

Finally, I have a suggestion.  Sometimes when I wake up, ending sleep mode isn’t the first thing on my mind.  For example today I ate breakfast, drank my coffee and was ready to shower before I ended my “sleep”… so, how about a software improvement.  You know when I’m moving around… so, how about if you detect me making “awake” kind of movements for… say, 10 minutes… you do a vibrate sequence that will “ask” if I’m awake… if I am, I can exit sleep mode, if I don’t respond sleep mode continues.  This puts the onus on both of us.  Okay?

So… we both have some work to do.  Let’s see how the next week or two go.  


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