FitBit… the first week.

IMG_1959So, FitBit… we’ve been together a week now… what do you have to say?

hmm… as I thought, pretty quiet, as usual.

Well, let me share my thoughts then:

  • You’re quiet.  I like that.  Just the occasional buzz.
  • I’m not convinced your tracking my sleep very well. On nights that I think I sleep pretty well, you tell me that maybe it wasn’t so great… and on nights that I think I didn’t sleep at all, you tell me it was better than I thought.
  • Badges… until a few months ago, I thought badges were silly for adults.  But, I see that I can get caught up in badging pretty easily… so, yeah… thanks for the badges!  Keep ’em coming!
  • I’m trying to track my water intake, and I appreciate the quick enter options.  However, I’ve found that often the quantities I’ve entered previously for a particular day, are gone when I return to enter another quantity later that day.
  • I’m not sure I understand how my steps get turned into distance… someone said you’d “adjust” to my stride… but I’m not sure that’s happened.
  • I don’t wear you in the shower or swimming… I’ve heard you can, but I’ve also read a blog by someone who said his FitBit was “never the same” after he did.  So, not taking any chances.  However, because of that I did forget you one day… not your fault.

So… let’s do this again… check in now and then to see how things are going.