Don’t bring me a problem…

Don’t bring me a problem if you don’t have the solution.”

Have you heard this in a workplace or organization?

This approach allows leaders to dismiss or ignore problems which may be very real.

Those who can identify a problem aren’t always the same ones who have solutions. Granted, an organization that requires problems be brought forward in neat packages that contain solutions, will have fewer problems reported. This doesn’t mean there are fewer problems, just that some problems won’t be reported.

Don’t bring me a problem if you don’t have the solution,” is a negative and dismissive message from leader – just short of, “Don’t bring me problems.

An organization that allows its leaders to approach problem identification and solving in this way has problems in the areas of  communication and trust.  In an organization where dialogue and communication are open and trust is developed, problems can be brought forward by anyone and once the problem is identified, the solution may be provided by someone else.

It’s better for leaders to allow problems and challenges to be brought forward than to pretend they don’t exist by discouraging their identification.