DENSI 2014!!


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I’ll post things here about DENSI 2014 as time gets closer….


July 11, 2014

I’m here!  At least I’m 99% here!  It’s been a long day and it’s not even 12:30 pm… Last night we hosted a family gathering so bed didn’t come early and sleep didn’t come easily due to too much salt and maybe MSG (hotdogs)  then 3:30 am came quickly!

Flights from Halifax to Toronto and Toronto to Nashville were fine and uneventful.  Two people (not traveling together) that I knew were in the seats in front of me from Halifax to Toronto.  Toronto gate F99 is… well, interesting.  If you’ve been there you know… if not, its really too much to explain here. Suffice it to say its a 7 minute walk from the last point of civilization at PIA and I have a pic of the sign that says so to prove it!

The highlight so far has been that I was met at the airport by Ana!  What a great way to arrive in a new and unknown city… a white convertible and a new friend!  Now I’m relaxing at Starbucks for a while before I can check in and then things really start to roll!


July 9, 2014

I’m so bad at this!  So much has been going on and I haven’t added anything to this post!  So here we go:

  • I haven’t packed
  • I have my costume, postcard and gift
  • I’ve got the stuff for my DENovator Faire project and I’ve found a video tutorial and generated a QR code – for this I’ve also created my own video because I feel strongly about “making” and I want to encourage others to “make”
  • I’ve watched the sock monkey tutorial (whew!) – don’t get worried about that if you aren’t attending the Pre-Con
  • I’ve registered for a pick up from the airport and drive back on the 18th
  • I’m on Flickr and have joined the group
  • I’ve got my Blog Team ready with our first post to be published on Friday (11th) morning!
  • I’ve got my presentation pretty much ready as well – first time using Google slides!  No problem there!

So, tomorrow will be gathering, packing, weighing, unpacking and weighing again, and again… I’m brining my iPad and a horrible HP tablet as well as a hand-held GPS.  Wish I could bring my laptop from work, but not allowed to bring it across the border.

So… if I hold true to form, this will be the last update to this post until after I get to Nashville!


June 22, 2014

Time is passing quickly!  Wow.. three weeks from today I’ll have been in Nashville for two days and the full DENSI will be underway!!

Porter has posted rooming lists and team lists.  This makes it that much more real… and exciting.  The next big step is the full schedule of sessions and workshops.  I already know that I’m presenting something… but not sure exactly what or in what format.  It’ll be exciting to see that published!

I know my DENovator item…but I’m having problems with my costume… I’m not very imaginative with things like that.  I’ve also got a little project planned for my Canadian peeps!  Hope that works out!

Last week I participated in 4 DENSI 2014 Podcasts.  Brandon Wosliski attended DENSI 2013 but since his wife is expecting a baby at DENSI time, he’s unable to attend this year, but he feels so strongly about it that he wanted to do something so he created these amazing podcasts. You can see them at DENSI 2014 Podcasts – I think I’m on 11 through 14 (not sure though).


June 12, 2014

Only 29 days!!  SLACK! That’s what I’ve been!  Just slack!  I’m tempted to use things like end of school year, time spent on volunteer work, wrapping up a summary report of this year’s PD with teachers … but, really, I’ve just been slack about getting back here!

While many of my colleagues in the US are enjoying their summer break now, here in Nova Scotia our school year continues to the very end of June, so I’m still going to schools, meeting with teachers, providing support via email and phone and getting work done.  But the excitement of going to Tennessee for DENSI 2014 in July is never far away!

I’m very fortunate to be part of the DEN Leadership Council (LC) and as a result I am able to go to DENSI a couple of days before the main event happens.  The LC attendees are currently working on numerous projects. Some of these will be completed during the LC Pre-Conference and others will be ongoing throughout the entire DENSI week.  So far I’ve signed up to:

  • assist with the DEN LC Community Service project (I’m not sure what it is specifically yet, but it’s a project that allows the LC members to give back to the community in which DENSI is held each year)
  • introduce speakers during DENSI, assist with a social media takeover during the week
  • be a member (maybe lead) of the Daily DENBlogs Team, and
  • help to welcome DENSI attendees as they arrive!

I’m also very excited to be part of an upcoming (June16) Google Hangout/Podcast.  These podcasts are a new idea and are organized by Brandon Wislocki.  Brandon has attended several DENSIs and while he is unable to attend this year he wanted to do something so he is organizing and hosting these podcasts designed to bring previous attendees together with DEN members who have never attended DENSI.  The first one was fantastic and I know that with Brandon’s assistance they will all be worth watching!  So… my next update will likely be AFTER the podcast… until then… the excitement builds for DENSI 2014!