Sorry for the delay… things have been busy.  Pages are all up to date now!  The project is moving along very well – we’re very impressed with the quality and speed of the work.

We’ll try to keep things more up to date as time moves along.  Greg has photos on his phone that he might add as well.  Hope the big storm doesn’t come this way!

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  1. Hughena says:

    Although early, my decorating suggestion is in the black and gold theme for the kitchen. Yes, you might think sunflowers and crows, but I’m more apt to go with Bruins logos. You know, what a great way to commemorate their Stanley Cup victory. Perhaps you could add a bit of a silver touch to resemble the Stanley Cup. I’m sure I could come up with a few items that you could use. Let me know what you think. BTW, the renos look great and seem to be progressing. I like viewing from a distance though. Egads…I’m having flashbacks. Not good.

    Love ya.

    • Sandy says:

      Sunflowers and crows… hmm… yes… but a bit more “country” than we were thinking. 🙂

      • Hughena says:

        No, no, no…..BRUINS BRUINS BRUINS!!! Very sports themed, not country at all. Would be lovely. Perhaps black along the bottom half of the walls, then a chair rail in silver, emblazoned with the names of the players and coaches who were on this year’s winning team, and gold on the upper half. Oh I can see it now. LOL

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