Students need to know it’s OK to “fail”


failThis graphic comes from SHOUT : A Safer South Africa‘s Facebook page.  At least that was where it was linked to when I came across it.  If it has other origins, please let me know and I’ll gladly credit the source.

My comment on this image on FaceBook was something like: “This graphic illustrates one of the major flaws of our current school system. “Passing” or being “right” has been stressed for so long that it’s very difficult today to convince students – and parents –  that it’s ok to fail at a task, to make mistakes, to learn as you go. Parents need to understand and support this idea so their children can learn from their mistakes. Being able to “fail” in a task, then reflect on what you did and what went wrong is essential to knowledge and education.”

Teachers, please provide situations in which your students may be unsuccessful the first time around.  In other words, challenge them.  Parents, when your students are challenged and pushed to do their best – even when it means they may not get the answer right the first few times – embrace that as an opportunity, don’t use it as a reason to protest to the teacher or school.